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Citrus Science Research Institute of Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Western Hunan is located in Jishou City, Western Hunan Province, which is rich in materials and has a wide production of citrus. It is an important base for citrus production and research. In order to study the changes of Citrus quality, especially in the field of taste, in the process of seedling, picking, storage and transportation, Citrus Research Institute, according to the recommendation of Shanghai Baosheng science and Technology Co., Ltd., has specially selected the scientific research type texture instrument ta.xtc-18 to measure the physical quality and texture characteristics of citrus, such as the hardness and anti extrusion strength of citrus.

On December 15, Shanghai Baosheng Industrial Development Co., Ltd. sent the research-based texture analyzer to Hunan citrus Research Institute, and then sent a professional after-sales service team to the research institute base for after-sales service after a working day. On the same day, the quality instrument was installed and debugged on site, and then the professional knowledge training, operation demonstration, and precautions for the use of the instrument were carried out for the researchers of the Institute. After sales Instrument Engineers and researchers of Shandong Academy of sciences have technical exchanges and discussions, and provide technical guidance for them in the field of food texture determination method recommendation, experimental scheme setting and so on. On the same day, the installation, commissioning and training of Shanghai Baosheng quality texture analyzer were completed successfully. The after-sales service of the quality texture analyzer was unanimously recognized and praised by the researchers of Hunan citrus Research Institute. Shanghai Baosheng also promised to continue to expand the application of texture analyzer in order to provide continuous help for the scientific research of Citrus Academy.