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1. What is the electronic tongue?

The electronic tongues simulate the human taste receptor mechanism, detect the sample information by sensor array, and analyze the overall quality of the sample with pattern recognition. Different from the chemical method, the output of the sensor detection is not the result of sample-composition analysis, but a signal pattern related to some characteristics of the sample, which can obtain the overall evaluation of the taste characteristics of the sample through the pattern recognition and analysis.


2. Shanghai Bosin C-tongue electronic tongue

A stable sensor array with 7 metal electrodes is mainly used in the C-tongue electronic tongue. The original idea of combined pulse relaxation spectrum is realized through voltammetry electrochemical pulse technology excitation. Through interactive induction analysis technology, the overall information of the measured object is obtained.


3. C-tongue application range

At present, electronic tongue has long been used in doing experiments and applied researches on the identification of true and false liquid food, such as wine, beverage, tea, etc., product quality control and shelf life, rapid detection of pesticide residues, rapid detection of pathogenic microorganisms, etc., and has shown obvious technical advantages and there have been a lot of application examples. As a new testing technology, it not only provides relevant research departments and testing departments as conventional scientific research instruments, but also provides rapid real-time means of on-site testing intelligent quality control for large-scale products.


C-tongue mainly used for:

Quality stability of brand industrial products and identification of true and false

Qualitative and semi-quantitative determination of certain trace components

Rapid qualitative and quantitative detection of pathogenic microorganisms

Measurement of correlation of taste sense attributes

Generalized multi-component rapid intelligent analysis


4. Specification

1. Sensor array composition: metal sensor, which can be used for lifelong.

2. Working electrode composition: platinum electrode, gold electrode, palladium electrode, titanium electrode, tungsten electrode, silver electrode.

3. Auxiliary electrode: platinum electrode.

4. Reference electrode: platinum electrode and Ag/AgCl electrode.

5. Signal acquisition: high-frequency relaxation pulse signal, from +1v to -1v, 0.2v/time.

6. Frequency of the pulse signal: 1Hz, 10Hz, 100Hz.

7. Time interval of the pulse signal: 0.001S.

8. Data magnification factor: up to 106.

9. Signal excitation acquisition system: sampling rate 1kb/s.

10. Scanning sensitivity: 10-6M.

11. Application scope: food, beverage, alcoholic products (including liquor), condiments, etc. Samples can be directly tested without dilution.

12. Signal description: the signal collected is the overall response of the sample, rather than the results of the concentration of a specific component;

13. Hardware requirements: the sensor has stable performance, good reproducibility, long service life, rich detection information, 2-3min cleaning time of sensors, which lasts 2.6s at 0V, 2.6s at 1.2v, 2.6s at -1.2v, and improves the stability of detection.

14. Autosampler: graphical operation interface, easy to operate;

15. Supporting software functions: pattern recognition functions such as principal component analysis, linear discriminant analysis, grade and quality distinction;




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